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He shoots coppers

You'll never take me alive pigs

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Birthdate:Apr 15, 1975
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:Stalk me musically...
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_delphic_, al pacino, alfred hitchcock, arcade fire, beastie boys, black books, black label society, blackberry, bob marley, calling chelsea cunts, chicago bulls, chimaira, chinese food, corleone, dana linn bailey, dead man's shoes, death, deftones, eddie vedder, endomondo, england, facebook, fantasy art, fawlty towers, fixing my mistakes, football, foursquare, gambling, geordies, gojira, gomorrah, graffiti, grumble, gtav, hatebreed, in flames, iron maiden, isis, it crowd, jimi hendrix, johnny cash, karma, killswitch engage, lamb of god,, leonard rossiter, local history, machine head, madball, madness, mafia, martin scorsese, mean streets, missy higgins, mono, monty python, moving on, neuralgia, new jersey devils, new york yankees, newcastle, newcastle brown ale, newcastle united, newky broon, northumberland, nufc, omigodthatsthefunkyshit, opeth, or something, paddy considine, pantera, paul weller, paulwickerthetallvicar, pelican, people are stupid, peroni, playing cards, poker, postcards, prema, pulp fiction, qu13e, quentin tarantino, random, random comments, random martin, random music, random smiles, richard allen, rik mayall, rising damp, robert de niro, roger mellie,, rq, ruby ridge, russ meyer, sarcasm, scarface, sepultura, sg, shadows fall, sid the sexist, sir bobby robson, ska, slayer, sons of anarchy, sopranos, soulfly, splinternails, stephen king, stumbleupon, suffocation, tdats, terraces at football grounds, testament, textures, the atlantic star, the jam, the league of gentlemen, the mag, the young ones, tomorrow, tool, trigeminal neuralgia, true faith, twitch, twitter, untappd, walls of jericho, warbringer, washington redskins, who-put-the-ball-in-the-mackems-net, ya spill my pint?, you
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